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In Tomsk, on Valentine's Day Petersburg singer Irina Buhlitskaya sing about love

Date: 14.02.2013    Time: 19.00 - 21.30

Irina Buhlitskaya - soprano
Pavel Nikitin - tenor
Svetlana Chudakova - pianist, accompanist


Tomsk State Philharmonic

Accreditation is from 15/12/2012

Genre: romance, classics
February 14, 2013 - Valentine's Day - in Tomsk a solo concert "Love enchanting sounds of" the young singer Irina Buhlitskoy, winner of the first prize at the international competition "Romansiada the I. Schwartz" (2012), winner of the third prize winner of Russian romance name St George VI in Tallinn (2011), winner of the second prize of opera singers in Finland (2009)

For three seasons, the St. Petersburg actress appeared in solo concerts in many cities of Russia. Now, she will sing the most famous works of love for the soprano in the beautiful northern city of Tomsk, on the stage known for its excellent acoustics, organ hall of Tomsk State Philharmonic.

Irina Buhlitskaya (St. Petersburg) - singer, performer of opera arias, Neapolitan songs, classical and old songs, works of Soviet composers.

Her voice is like champagne - a bright clean tone, absolute ownership, virtuoso technique, combined with the warmth and performance of soft serve. He captivated the audience with its simplicity and generosity.

The magnetism of this beautiful elegant woman keeps in suspense, she fall in love with, making heroes of empathy, which performs.

Irina is not only an interesting and versatile singer, but also a strong vibrant personality that fascinates and captivates the audience from the moment of his appearance on the stage. The secret of its success is that the great natural voice and acting talent combined with hard work, tremendous stamina, charm, sincerity and honesty.

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The concert will feature classical and old romances of love Russian composers. Listeners whirl whirlwind romance vivid scenes of happiness and sorrow, hope and disappointment. Masterly performance Irina Buhlitskoy encourages viewers to share creativity and involves them in the art world works, forcing empathize heroes.

Enthusiastic romance of Tchaikovsky "It was in early spring," in which a sense of spring renewal awakening of nature merges with the feeling of first love.

"Terrible moment" - a very thin, very sensitive, lyrical - a philosophical romance by Tchaikovsky.

"Night" by A. Rubinstein, romance, exciting energy of love and passion, full of sensuality and pleasure.
"Burnt Letter" T.Kjui on poems by Pushkin. This is a true story of love letters he received from Odessa poet from Elizabeth Vorontsova - bitter tears over the ashes of the letter of the woman.
"Fountain of Bakhchisarai Palace" - romance Vlasov on poems by Pushkin. Beautiful music flowing like water melody, melody beautiful fountain, erected in memory of a past favorite. Poetry is inextricably linked with the music.

Also in the program of the concert sounds great romance A. Alyabiev "Beggar". Sophisticated audience remembers him in the performance unsurpassed in the Russian romance Kozlovsky. In the XXI century, this work is extremely important.

Viewers will hear songs A. Dubuc "Two farewell" P. Bulakhov "And there in the eyes of the world" and the "little black eyes", Shiryaev "shone night," Zubov "Under thy charming affection", A. Verstovsky "Old husband, "and, of course, the famous and beloved song from the drama of Larissa Ostrovsky" Bride "-" No, he did not like. "
In concert singer part of Tomsk, the winner of the second prize "Russian Romance Contest named St George VI" in Tallinn Pavel Nikitin. He will sing some songs and duets with Irina Buhlitskoy.

Accompany this evening will be the winner of national and international piano competitions, winner of the "Best Musical Competition of Moscow Romansiada" Svetlana Chudakov.


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